About Us:


Royal Rice;

Owned, exclusively packed and distributed by Royal Rice Company (Pty) Ltd.

The Royal Rice brand is the company’s flagship rice branded product.

Royal Rice cooking results will always impress by the brand containing only

the most premium sourced parboiled rice thus maintaining brand service and

quality standards.

More About Royal Rice Company (Pt) Ltd:

Based in The City of Choice Pietermaritzburg , KZN South Africa.

We are an independent pre-packing, warehousing and distribution company

servicing the consumer product needs of South Africa since 1992.

Our Range of Consumer Products are as Follows:

Rice (Long Grain Parboiled) , Sugar Beans(Red Speckled Beans) ,Kidney Beans(Broad Beans),Mealie Meal (Super), Samp,Yellow Maize,Cake Flour(White),White Sugar, Brown Sugar,Icing Sugar,Sunflower Oil, Soya Oil, and The list will grow on demand

Our Products are Packaged in the Following Brands Noting Different Product

Grades in different Brands.

Brands are as follows:

Royal, Elite, Princess, Rainbow,Save

For Any enquires Kindly feel free to contact us on:

T - 033 345 9751

C-082 786 5127

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